Campaigned Specials



Multi BISA/BISS GCh Marlex Classic Red Glare

(Ch Marlex Mister Chips X Ch Lulin Banana Smoothie) Bred By Carole Ann Mohr-Rio Owned By Leah Monte & Armando Angelbello. Handled By Armando. Updated 6/29/11: The "spirited terror" Classie is doing some awesome winning which has been consistent from the time she hit the ring at 6 months old. Now at 23 Months old, she stands at #1 MIN PIN IN AMERICA in 2010, and 2011 to date (all systems), #8 Toy in 2010, and #6 Toy Dog in the Nation for 2011 to date! "Classie" has attained unbelievable feats in the ring since she started as a class puppy at 6 months old. We are in awe of her accomplishments. Owned proudly by Leah Monte & Armando Angelbello, handled by Armando. She currently stands as the Top Winning Min Pin in the last 20 years. Record of Wins As of June, 2011, at 23 Months Old: - Currently #1 Min Pin All Systems & #6 Toy In America for 2011 - For 2010, #1 Min Pin All Systems & #8 Toy In America.
- 62 Group Firsts - MPCA National Specialty Winner (2011) - MPCA Top 20 Winner & Top 20 People's Choice (2011) - 9 BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOWS - 59 Other Group Placements
- Finished championship at 6 months 10 days old in 6 shows.
We are thrilled with this Special girl!

Ch Marlex Black Diamond

(Ch Marlex Mister Chips X Ch Marlex Wild Lismar) Bred & Owned By Armando & Lisa Angelbello, Handled by Armando Now Owned By Lisa Uhacz of Shasta Min Pins in the Pacific Northwest, coowned by Armando. "Diamond" made a name for herself at the 2009 National Specialty, also at the young age of 6 Months Old. - Best Puppy In Regular Classes at the 2009 National Specialty. - Reserve Winners Bitch at the 2009 National Specialty. - Multiple Best of Breed & Group Placement Winner. Now mature, but as exquisite and elegant as ever, she has traveled to the NW to make appearances here and there with her new owner/handler friend Lisa Uhacz, coowned with Armando.

BISS Ch Marlex Marisol

(Ch Marlex Mister Chips X Ch Marlex Wild Lismar) Bred By Armando & Lisa Angelbello Owned & Handled by Melanie Hackett from Michigan and coowned with Armando "Marcie" also made a splashy debut at the 2009 National Specialty by winning the highly competitive and largest entry class of 6-9 Mos Puppy Red Bitches. From there, she went home with Melanie to quickly finish her championship and in short order became a BEST IN SPECIALTY WINNER! - Multiple Breed Winner - Best In Specialty Show Winner

Multi BISS Ch Marlex Lulin Mojito

(Ch Marlex Mister Chips X Ch Marlex Wild Lismar) Bred By Armando Angelbello & Luis Colarte Owned by Luis & Linda Colarte and Armando & Xio Angelbello Handled by Armando   An awesome and stallion-like high stepper, "Moji" attained very high recognition at a young puppy age at the 2008 National Specialty where he was awarded BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES & WINNERS DOG! From there, he went on to win the MPCA 2009 National Specialty and the MPCA 2010 Top 20 Event, Multiple Regional Specialties, Many Group Wins & Placements, and became one of the Top Ranked Min Pins in the USA in 2009 with just 8 months of active showing. He's living the Life of Riley at Lulin as Top Dog!

BISA & BISS Ch Marlex Mister Chips

(Ch Labell All American X Marlex Bold Melody)
Bred by Armando Angelbello & Salina Bailey
Owned and Handled by Armando Angelbello
"Chip" retires from active competition at end of 2008, after 2 very successful years in the Specials Ring and amongst the Top Winning Min Pins in the Nation. He has amassed an unbelievable record of wins while also producing TOPS. He has been a consistent winner in the Breed Ring, Specialties, Toy Group & Best In Show winner, achieving top ranking status both years 2007 & 2008. A joy of a show & companion dog in every way, he will still make an appearance here and there from time to time, and watch for his Kids in the ring who are making quite a splash.
His record speaks for itself: Chip's winnings include: *** All-Breed Best In Show Winner
*** 2007 MPCA National Specialty Winner *** 2008 National Specialty First Award of Merit *** 2009 MPCA Top 20 Winner *** 2009 & 2011 MPCA 1st Stud Dog Winner AKC/Eukanuba Championship Show Best Min Pin for 3 consecutive years (Best of Breed & Best Bred By) in 2007, 2008 and 2009! *** 7 Best In Specialty Show Wins *** 20 TOY GROUP FIRSTS *** 65 Toy Group Placements
Among TOP RANKED MIN PINS IN THE USA in 2007 and 2008.
Chip exudes Breed Type, short backed, compact, square, elegant with sound high stepping hackney-like movement and outstanding temperament in and out of the ring. An ambassador for the breed, who has never met a stranger! and all Min Pin in character and spirit.  
It is of special pride to us for Chip to have received fantastic breeder-judge recognition throughout his career, whether in the breed, group, BISS and BISA rings. It has been a wonderful ride! An unforgettable honor.
While our dogs are not at public stud, Chip has already proven to be on way to TOP PRODUCER with 18 Champions as of November, 2010, who not just finish their championship, but many carry on to be noticed in the Specials ring, including multiple Best In Show Winners, National Specialty Winner & Top 20, Multiple Best In Specialty kids, Group Winners, etc. Check out his kids accomplishments in their own pages.



Ch Sanbrook Silk Electric ("Ricky"): (Ch Carlee Southern Prancer X Sanbrook Silk All Over)

Bred by Ann Dutton.

BOW National Specialty at 8 months old 1987.

3 times National Specialty Winner 1988, 1989 & 1991

5 consecutive Top Stud Dog at National Specialty, 1988-1992

Westminster Breed Winner 1988

# 1 Min Pin breed points

Sire of 74 Champions, #2 Top Sire of all times.

Multiple Group Winner

Our first show dog.

Exuded breed type, more of a working dog movement with reach & drive but not high stepping, flawless ease of movement & soundness.


Ch Sanbrook Swept Away (Ch Sanbrook Silk Electric X Ch Sanbrook China Silk)

Bred by Ann Dutton

Group Placing (1989)

Hall of Fame Dam of 8 champions

Our foundation bitch.


Ch Milebet's High Voltage (Ch Sanbrook Silk Electric X Ch Milebet’s Bonnie Blue)

Bred by Betty Cottle, Owned by Shelley Guthrie

Co-owned and shown by Armando for a year (1990-1991)

Top 5 Min Pin

Group Winner

BOS National Specialty - 1990

Best Veteran & AOM - 1995

Cory was a showman in and out of the ring, always on.  A pleasure to show.


Ch Sanbrook Power Surge (Ch Sanbrook Silk Electric X Ch Sanbrook Savannah)

Bred by Ann Dutton

NY Empire Specialty Best In sweepstakes 1991

NY Empire Specialty Best In Specialty 1991

Multiple Group Wins

Sold to judge Ulla Magnusson of Sweden, where he continued his winning ways to many international titles & producing

Elegant, top of standard, outstanding sweeping rear, very sound & showy.


Ch Marlex Bolero (Ch Sanbrook Power Surge X Ch Marlex Electra Madness)

Multiple Breed Wins

Multiple Group Winning & Group Placer 1991-1992

Subsequently sold to Burt & Lonnie Gordon of Burlon, Miami, Florida



Ch Marlex Montana (Ch Sanbrook Power Surge X Ch Sanbrook Swept Away)

Sponsored by Antonio Cusi MD & co-owned by Ann Dutton, shown by Armando

#1 Min Pin Breed Points

Top 5 Min Pin 1992-1994

Specialty Winner NY Empire Specialty

Multiple Group Winner & BISS

Product of a half-brother and half-sister breeding (from sire Ch Sanbrook Silk Electric), that also produced Montana’s litter mate Ch Marlex Mirabella (MPCA Best In Sweepstakes).

Great presence and quite the showman.


Ch Marlex Dirty Looks (Ch Redwings On The Cutting Edge X Ch Sanbrook Swept Away)

Multiple Breed & Group Winning bitch.

BOS National Specialty – 1995

Co-owned by Antonio Cusi, MD while campaigned.

Top 10 Min Pin

Exuded breed type of bitch, elegant & compact, beautiful head (in spite of light eyes).

Product of a very successful all-champion litter of 3 girls, that included littermates Ch Marlex Step Away and Ch Marlex Little Mermaid.  Dam of top producer Hall of Fame Ch Marlex Mariachi.



Ch Marlex Mercedes: (Ch Sanbrook Ready Set Go X Ch Marlex Step Away)

2 All-Breed Best In Shows in 1996

National Specialty Winner in 1997

Best In Sweepstakes at 6 months old at 1995 National Specialty

11 Specialty Wins

Numerous Group Wins

Top 5 Min Pin

Very typey with extreme presence and "here I am" attitude, with beautiful movement, high stepping & sound.  Her thing was the show ring, as she never conceived, after multiple tries, we gave up. 

Litter mate to Hall Of Fame Sire Ch Sanbrook Twist & Shout. 


Ch Bits & Bytes Online: (Ch Marlex Electric Meltdown X Ch Marlex Mega Bits & Bytes)

Co-bred and co-owned with Sue Harig.

MPCA Futurity Winner - 1999

MPCA BOS In Sweepstakes - 1999

MPCA BOS national Specialty - 1999

Group Winner and multiple group placing.


Ch Marlex Milenia (Ch Marlex Mariachi X Ch Marlex Material Girl)

Owned by Angel & Jacqueline Pons of Made In Spain, Madrid, Spain.

Best In Specialty winner 2000

Group Placer

World Champion and International titles


Ch Pevenseys Wild and Bold (Ch Sunsprite Wild As The Wind X Pevenseys Bold By Design)

Bred by Pam Ruggie

Multiple Best In Specialty Winner 2001-2002

Top 10 Min Pin

Best In Sweepstakes MPCA - 2001

Multiple Group Placer

Beautiful type, outstanding movement, high stepping, bend & soundness (not easy to get), one of the best min pins in my book.

MPCA Hall of Fame Sire (ROM) of 34 Champions as of November, 2010. More on the way!


Ch Marlex Wild Lismar: (Ch Pevenseys Wild N Bold X Ch Bits & Bytes Online)

Co-owned with our daughter Lisa

Best In Specialty Winner

Multiple breed winner 2003 - 2004

multiple group placements. MPCA Hall of Fame (ROM) Dam. A proven brood bitch click with Chip...with 10 outstanding pups finishing championship to date (Mojito, Mimosa, Margarita, Blackjack, Midnight Joy, Black Diamond, Marisol, Alegria, Gaited Pleasure, Fandango).


Ch Pevenseys Storm Stories (Ch Pevenseys Coca Cola Cowboy X Pevenseys Take It By Storm)

Bred by Pam Ruggie & co-owned with her.

Group Winner

Futurity Winner MPCA - 2005

Multiple group placements-2005-2006


Ch Marlex Black Mamba: (Ch Pevenseys Wild N Bold X Sunsprite Dixie Chick)

Multiple Group Placer 2006

Our first try at specialing a b/r.

Littermate to red sisters Ch Marlex Miami Rhapsody, and deceased Marlex Sweet Melody (dam of special Ch Marlex Mister Chips). Mamba is proving to be quite a brood bitch too...MPCA Honor Roll Dam with 6 champions to date and 2 more kids waiting in the wings.


Ch DazlReh Bold Elegance v Marlex (Ch Pevenseys Wild N Bold X Ch DazlReh Western Elegance)

Bred by Lonnie & Rex Phillips (Dazl Reh).

Rusty was born on 9/14/06, finished swiftly in 7 shows, including BOB over specials at 7 months old, and 5 point major at Phoenix Specialty, He stayed behind in AZ under the ownership of Chris Smith (Aztex) and Barbara Stamm (March-On), and coowned by us, being handled by Tish Cannon for 2007.  In less than 7 mos specialed in 2007, Rusty was in 2007 Top 10 Breed Rankings with many breed wins and multiple group placements.  Awesome accomplishment for this youngster owned by Marlex. Aztex & March-On litters sired by Rusty are on the way. FLASH FLASH!!!! RUSTY WINS 1ST AWARD OF MERIT at Westminster KC Show on Feb 12th, in competition with top min pins in the country. Handled expertly on this occasion for Marlex by our friend Pam Campbell-Dziuk. Rusty is now co-owned by Marlex with his breeders Lonnie & Rex Phillips.